C2: Song of Endings

by | Feb 25, 2018


  • The Seekers prepare to enter the Temple of the First Spell when a horde of undead descend
  • Lady Kima votes to hold them off but the mission keeps the companions together
  • Inside, the Seekers encounter and defeat the temple guardians
  • The misaligned spell is returned to order in time to keep Vecna from drawing more power
  • Exiting the temple, the Seekers find the undead destroyed or scattered
  • In Vasselheim, plans for a victory celebration are planned!
  • Over the next few days, a darkness stretches over the world, quiet and sinister
  • The Death Curse afflicts all who were returned from the Divine Gate
  • Kima, Allura, and Fezmet are all affected, as are all of the heroes who vanquished Vecna
  • The Platinum Sanctuary has located a possible source: Visa Isla / Chult
  • The Seekers are given charge to go there, locate the source and destroy it…before all are lost!

Notable NPCs & Monsters

  • Lady Kima of Vord- halfling paladin of Bahamut
  • Professor Fezmet- awakened ferret wizard
  • Lady Allura- human wizard

Notable Locations

  • Vasselheim
  • Temple of the First Spell