C6: The Oracle

by | Mar 4, 2018


    • A batiri picnic!
    • A wager made
    • An airship no more!
    • A daring rescue and new companions
    • A shared quest…to Orolunga!
    • Three giant problems
    • A party of two minds
    • Follow the chiwingas, they know the way!

New NPCs & Monsters

    • Actus / Ike – an adventurer, bearer of the Ring of Winter
    • Dragonbait- saurian paladin
    • Argus- frost giant band leader
    • Dark Spear- a batiri scout
    • Saja N’Baza- a naga oracle
    • Ras Nsi- fallen paladin, necromancer, abomination


The Seekers continue their journey to Orolunga, searching for the hidden oracle. Along the way they meet and aid in the rescue of a downed airship. Finding that two of the survivors have a similar quest they decide to journey together. After a chance meeting with frost giants (in a jungle?! How did they get here!), the Seekers find their way to Orolunga. With the help of the chiwinga guides they finally gain audience with Saja N’Baza, the naga oracle!