C7: The Forbidden City

by | Mar 23, 2018


    • Saja N’baza teleports the Seekers to the jungle outside Omu
    • Where is Fats!?
    • Peaceful jaculi encounter
    • The Statue of Vorn, an offering made, Grungs observed
    • The village of Yellyark, meeting Queen Stabgrab
    • Followers of Vorn
    • A warning to stay off the carpet
    • Omu found!
    • Winged watchers wait
    • Speaking with the local fatal flora
    • Secret watchers in the cliffs
    • Ambushers ambushed!
    • A destroyed camp, a rescue made
    • Distrusting Orvex, the guide / scholar
    • What made that roar?
    • Shrine of Shagambi, the kamadan retreat
    • Cuniform language, what does it mean?
    • Fats’ late arrival

New NPCs & Monsters

    • Orvex- guide/scholar
    • Kamadan- snake tentacles with a jaguar’s body!
    • Jaculi- serpentine masters of camoflage
    • Queen Stabgrab- Yellyark village
    • Yuan-ti! Snake people who transform into snakes


Saja N’Baza, the naga oracle, teleports the Seekers to the jungle near the ruins of Omu. There they encounter new jungle denizens. Upon entering Omu, they are followed by yuan-ti assassins and turn the tables on them. They happen across the destruction of a camp with more than 30 dead…and one still alive. Distrusting the guide Orvex, they let him leave and continue making their way to the palace on the eastern side of Omu in the flooded area. With the hour growing late and the light fading early in the sunken city, the Seekers enter and take refuge in a shrine. Fats finally joins them, his teleportation taking a very long time!