C8: Spears of Shagambi

by | Jun 29, 2018


As a storm rolls over Omu, Jyn’s form vanishes and is replaced by Fats and a firbolg. The firbolg, a druid named Wynni, bears a note for Blackstripe, emergency supplies, and dire news about the state of Per Bastet and the rest of the world. After introductions are made, the Seekers notice a chawinga spirt in Wynni’s hair. The spirit shows a good deal more animation than previous ones. The spirit uncovers the powers of the Spirit Lantern. They could now read the Omuan script and learned that 5 spirits resided in the lantern. After resting overnight, they explored the bottom floor of the shrine. They found a pit of soft dirt which concealed a pressure plate. Activating it, they were greeted by four spear wielding clay Chultans. The guardians faced the party and attacked.

Defeating the guardians, the placed the spears in hands of the statues in the room above, revealing a 3″ square cube of stone. Krish takes the stone in hand and one of the lantern spirits emerges. The spirit resembles a dark elven woman in ranger gear. She walks and fades into Krish and the Seekers hear her voice.

“My name is Jezzabelle. We shall show no mercy to those that threaten our…tribe. I can help you.”

Shagambi’s Shrine story: 

At noon, a brave kamadan hopped down from her rock. She saw the evil in the Omuans’ hearts and decided to lance it like a troublesome boil. The kamadan fashioned a holy spear, but she left it by the riverbank and a crafty grung stole it. In her rage, Shagambi the kamadan forgot all about the Omuans and chased Nangnang the grung forever across the sky.

Leaving the shrine, Fats scouts for more shrines as they believe 9 may exist. he spots one not far off the main thoroughfare. They approach the shrine of I’Jin and spot the god’s favored form, an Almiraj. The horned rabbit flees to it’s burrow as the party enters the large stone doors. They read I’Jin’s story and learn that the god encourages those to take a unique path. The floor of the shrine has symbols of many types of animals. Fats wall walks across. The rest try and step on the almiraj symbol first and feel emboldened. But stepping on a symbol twice unleashes a hail of poisoned darts!

The party makes it across and prepares to move forward.

I’Jin’s Shrine Story: 

One morning, a wise zorbo emerged from her hollow tree and spoke to the dying Omuans. To convince Ubtao of their worth, she decided to cook him a stew made from all their good qualities. Catching such virtues wouldn’t be easy, so she asked a wily almiraj to help her. The almiraj snuck recklessness in the pot, which she saw as a virtue, and Ubtao spat out the stew when he tasted it. From that day on, Obo’laka the zorbo and I’jin the almiraj became terrible enemies.