C9: Scouring the Shrines

After crossing the tiled entryway of I'jin's shrine, the party allowed Fats to navigate through the ensuing maze of tunnels....

“Can’t be any harder than an ocean swim in full plate. And i’ve already done that!”
Lady Kima of Vord

Notable NPCs

  • Lady Kima of Vord- halfling paladin of Bahamut
  • Professor Fezmet- awakened ferret wizard
  • Lady Allura- human wizard
  • Salida- a guide
  • Merchant Price Wakanga O’tamu
  • Merchant Prince Jessamine
  • Qawasha- a chultian druid and guide
  • Kupalue “Weed”- a vegepygmy guide
  • Valindra- a rescued elven prisoner
  • Actus / Ike – an adventurer, bearer of the Ring of Winter
  • Dragonbait- saurian paladin
  • Argus- frost giant band leader
  • Dark Spear- a batiri scout
  • Saja N’Baza- a naga oracle
  • Ras Nsi- fallen paladin, necromancer, abomination
  • Orvex – guide and scholar
  • Queen Stabgrab, batiri leader of Yellyark village

Notable Locations

  • Windfall Academy
  • Vasselheim
  • Temple of the First Words
  • Port Nyanzaru
  • Chultian jungles
  • Orolunga and the shrine of Saja N’baza
  • Omu, the Forbidden City

Notable Monsters

  • Ungologos- a zombie Trex!
  • Nanny Pu’pu- a hag
  • Zombie Girillions- 4 armed undear white apes
  • Chiwinga- jungle spirits
  • Kamadan- snake tentacles with a jaguar’s body!
  • Jaculi- serpentine masters of camouflage
  • Yuan-ti! Snake people who transform into snakes

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