S17: Firestorm and Fiends

by | May 22, 2018


Shoopin Quill / Scott’s account:

The fire was still burning. It didn’t burn my rope. So I went down into the fire to find Dresmorlin. I found Dresmorlin. I like the sparks from my vest. They’re helpful. Olwen can see them above the flames. She pulled her brothers body up. I looked for something Vasha’a might want. I took his drum and I have his words. I’ll play it like him. Dresmorlin’s weapon is nice, but it tried to kill me. Olwen knocked it down and took it. I don’t want it anymore. The new matron mother couldn’t save her brother with her power so she burned him more. This spider god doesn’t heal people. I can heal people. Maybe I can be a god too someday.

The new matron mother told us to leave and rest, so we did. Then we met Lak and Morith. They’re like elves but with bad memories. So we left with them. Two of their friends are dead. We saw their dead friends. They didn’t mind. The new matron mother tried to intimidate them into following orders, it didn’t work. Olwen told them to follow and they followed. I think it’s her armor. Maybe I can wear her armor too someday. We tried to cross the bridge but Lak and Morith remembered something and then didn’t like us. The new matron mother and Olwen told them to calm down so they did. I couldn’t think of words to say. I can’t do that too. I need to keep those words.

The room after the floor fire had that same worm face thing. It had snake friends. There was also the ghost of Tymande Firestorm. So we killed them all. One of the people we didn’t kill was Zubayer, the scholar. Vasha’a told us to find him and now we found him. He likes weapons and history a lot. Tymande Firestorm’s body had pretty magic like my illusions and Zubayer took her dagger. He wants the book for Vasha’a but that’s what I’m supposed to give him. I should get the book before he does. He made a big sword appear in his hands and make people hurt with magic. I can’t do that but I can make things dark and he can’t. I’ll return the book to Vasha’a.

Lak the elf turned into a duregar and told us a shortcut into Hassan’s tomb. There is a strange humming man with a candle. He wants to “reveal all things!” I like him. He uses clear words and sings. I’ll keep them. The new matron mother and Zubayer the scholar decided to go through the door on the right. The new matron mother dispelled the door because “my god fears no spells.” I still fear spells but I like those words. I’ll keep them.