S1: The Inquisitor

by | Feb 25, 2018


  • Matron Mother Duskyn summons her children and inner circle
  • The Matron Mother has sensed Lolth’s displeasure with the house, tracking it to the dealings of one of her children
  • House Ne’eroun is out of favor!
  • Duskyn requests the Inquisitor arrive for an interrogation and sacrifice of her rogue male
  • The House and inner circle sacrifice the male in a long ceremony
  • The Inquisitor is pleased! He advises Duskyn and advises her that there is a chance at regaining favor
  • The Inner Circle is dispatched to the Darkled Depths tavern to perform a menial task
  • Duskyn advises that Lolth will lead them on their path
  • Kialara, owner of the tavern, instructs the house to deal with her rodent problem in the lower level of the tavern storerooms

Notable NPCs

  • Matron Mother Duskyn
  • Inquisitor, Mister Remington the Third
  • Kialara, owner of the Dakled Depths tavern

Notable Locations

  • House Ne’eroun (Eastmyr, Menzoberranzan)
  • The Darkled Depths (Eastmyr, Menzoberranzan)