S11: Fairy Ring Fiasco

by | Apr 30, 2018


  • Formalized relationship with Vasha’a
  • Told him we wanted to find a smith who could work with Olwen’s hammer
  • He asked us to find a researcher he knew who’d gone dark; last known location near a duergar keep
  • He’s got some of his minions repairing our house while we’re out; Lisa stated she assumed they would let Vasha’a know if someone came messing with the house, and then Vasha’a could in turn let us know. I’m not sure if this was explicitly agreed to in game, though
  • We engaged some purple worm-like critters attacking the keep
  • Some duergar bastard is taking pot shots at us; not super-happy about that

Notable NPCs & Monsters

  • Vasha’a
  • Zubyr- a sage in Vasha’a’s employ

Notable Locations

  • The Catacombs (Vasha’a’s lair)
  • Fairy Ring Keep