S12: Fey to Black

by | Apr 30, 2018


  • We vanquished the critters.
  • We cut a deal with the duergar. We help them get the keep back under control, and they’ll give us info about Zubyr
  • We also get to keep whatever we find in the crypt/shrine/resting place of the three spirits.
  • I’m also hoping we can get them on some sort of subscription plan for spices. We are business folks, after all, and Amal is not going to kick steady income out of the metaphorical bed.
  • The duergar gave us some more info about the keep. Apparently it was built on the site of some big battle/ritual/something or other. The three people involved were a duergar, a human, and a shadow fey. Their spirits hang out in the keep and help keep things running smoothly.
  • SSiska has trapped a shadow fey in the fairy ring that is thought to help keep the three spirits in the keep (and possibly at peace). And trapping the fey in the ring is probably messing with the spirits. And it’s messing with the keep. And apparently he’s infected the keep with some sort of creeping death (I’m thinking it’s Space CJD). She wants to mate with the fey in order to have X-Men kids. But this little stunt has thrown the keep into chaos.
  • The duergar gave us an idea of where some traps are. They told us about an animated, likely intelligent sword that challenges anyone who comes into the audience room. Apparently the trapped shadow fey set that loose in there for a hoot.
    Hmmm… Dresmorlin and Olwen bested it fairly easily. I wonder if that’s because we talked to the fey first, and told him we’re trying to get him free without screwing up the circle. Maybe he was able to telepathically convince it to pull its punches. *shrug* So we have a magic sword now (I keep thinking of it as the Singing Sword from Bugs Bunny).
    We found some big duergar hanging out in a room. The only apparent way to get into the room (as far as we could tell… we should probably scout a little more—Shoopin sent in his bat, but the bastards killed it) was through a small hole in the wall. We can get in and out, but we’ll have to squeeze to get through it, and that kinda sucks to be stuck in a small space with a big dude with a pick axe wailing on you. And they’re magic. Two of the big guys disappeared as Olwen was going into the room, but when she finally made it through the door and was engaging one of the bastards, the other two reappeared and are appearing to surround her.
    That’s about where we left it.

Notable NPCs & Monsters

  • Vasha’a
  • Sisskuss- duegar with delusions of feytouched children

Notable Locations

  • The Catacombs (Vasha’a’s lair)
  • Fairy Ring Keep