S13: Rubble Rumble

by | Apr 30, 2018


  • We were mid-fight with some embiggened duergar. We were able to figure out from context that one of the duergar was Ssiska. We made sure to kill that bitch. When we did, the other duergar appeared to have faint shadows lifted from them.
  • The embiggened duergar (Klavos?) that was still standing surrendered when his senses returned to him. Notably, he surrendered not to Amal, but to Olwen. He’s impressed with her armor. He might be sweet on her, too. Who knows? 😉
  • We told him we were there with the full knowledge of Captain Tomos (the commander of Fairy Ring Keep). Shoopin was able to repeat Captain Tomos’ words to us for Klavos (way to nail the performance check, Scott!).
  • Amal cantripped Spare the Dying on the other duergar. It made business sense; the more people that survive, the more potential customers. They were cooking up some purple worm/grick in the corner, but when Klavos returned to his senses, he was disgusted that anyone would be eating it. We offered spices to help with the flavor (business sample, y’know?).
  • Dresmorlin was able to locate a scroll in one of Ssiska’s pockets. Shoopin was able to figure out it was the ritual scroll that was binding the shadowfey bug guy in the fairy ring. He wanted us to set him free on this plane, but we opted to send him home. He let us know he thought that option was “boooooorrriiiiiing.” Again, I didn’t want him eating potential customers.
  • We were able to get some more insight into the Singing Sword. Turns out that to be truly effective, it did need to be bested in single combat. So Drosmerlin took it back to the throne room, challenged it, and rightfully beat it himself. So he’s got a magic sword now.
  • Klavos then showed us how to get to the shrine where some trouble is, and where we can keep what we find. A statue is in the keep’s graveyard, and I think there’s a passage into the shrine under/near/around that statue.

Notable NPCs & Monsters

  • Vasha’a
  • Sisskuss- duegar with delusions of feytouched children
  • Kravos – duegar sgt.
  • Captain Toomos- leader of the duegar contingent camped outside the keep

Notable Locations

  • The Catacombs (Vasha’a’s lair)
  • Fairy Ring Keep