S14: Into the Crypt

by | May 15, 2018


OK. So the three primary people in this tomb are:
  • Krythitas, a duergar paladin
  • Hassan, a human wizard
  • Tymande Firestorm, a half-elf warlock-ish/sorcerer-ish person (aka “Tindarr”)

The keep’s primary spellcaster, Petring, is missing. He went missing when stuff started going down.

We found out there’s a “safeguard”/”safety” mechanism that can “free” the spirits by “ritually sanctifying” the bodies. This wording is disconcerting, because maybe the spirits aren’t there of their own accord. And that’s no bueno.

The air in the chamber/tomb complex is super-dry and stale, but there’s no rot or putrefaction in it. So… there’s a permanent Gentle Repose going on in this place.

We saw two sets of footprints that appeared to enter the antechamber of the tomb at approximately the same-ish time frame. The appear to directly cross the room (south to north). A THIRD set of footprints crosses the room from east to west.

There are three doors in the antechamber. The door to the west we think has to do with Hassan. The door to the north has to do with Krythitas, and we think the door to the east has to do with Tymande. We figured this based on carvings around the doors.

The brazier in the center of the room has some glowing green fire in it. It’s arcane, and it does not burn flesh nor gives off heat. It’s the only light that works in the rooms. We were able to light our torches with it. It only glows dimly, is fragile, and only lasts a minute.

We opened Hassan’s door (to the west). There was a deafening, constant howl, like from wind. We closed that door. We didn’t bother with Tindarr’s door. We followed the set of two footprints (oh, one looked measured and steady with a longer stride than the other set of footprints). We opened Krythitas’ door to the north.

We could see perfectly preserved bodies propped nearly upright. Of course, they attacked. Their eyes glowed vaguely red. We dispatched them. Yay, teamwork! Amal needs a short rest.

We walked to the end of the chamber. I believe Shoopin found a trough at the top of the door. We lit it with the arcane fire, and the room lit up. It went all the way around the room. Yay! It HAD to be lit on the far side, though. The magic sterno is pretty bad-ass. We coated the mundane torch with it, so now we can carry light. We also check rooms for the light trough.

We had some issues getting out of the first chamber. Dresmorlin was able to identify a trap door in front of the exit out of the chamber, but it went opened. He was quick enough to catch himself and not fall. Olwen was able to grab him and set him down. Yay, teamwork!

We went down some stairs and entered into a large chamber. It has a lot of tiled scrollwork on the floor. I was hoping this could be lit, but we couldn’t find a place to light it. Boo!

Shoopin made it across the room and was able to light the magic sterno. We saw three slabs/plinths/whatever, and we think this is the ritual chamber. There’s also a giant white worm dead here. It makes the room stink—not of rot and decay, but of giant white worm guts. Remember the complex-wide permanent Gentle Repose spell? Yeah.

We noticed the gunk that appears to have leaked out of the worm seems to be seeping under a wall on the… right? east? side of the chamber. That wall has a big spiral with a fiery appearance to it (it kinda seemed like it went to Tindarr’s side of the complex). After some investigation, we discovered that, yes, it is a secret door. It appears to be some sort of oubliette/trash room. The floor is a metal grate for part of it. Looking into it, there are perfectly preserved corpses of what appear to be other adventurers.

Remember the complex-wide permanent Gentle Repose spell? Yeah.

Apparently four doors in the ritual room: one is the one from whence we came (I guess on the south side). One is on the far side of the room from whence we entered (where Shoopin was able to light the magic sterno). Another seems to be on the…right? east? side of the room that was hidden behind the fiery spiral. The fourth seems to be on the left? west? side of the room. It appears to be on the smaller side of doors.

We walked through the trash room and turned a corner into a hallway. About halfway down the hallway we saw three smaller spirals on the wall. Directly across from those spirals is a door. Dresmorlin opened it. The chamber is brightly lit with this green arcane fire stuff. It’s a big room. From where Dresmorlin is standing, the far wall of the room directly opposite of him isn’t very far away, but the right and left sides of the room are pretty far. So, it’s more like a big hall. A walkway runs through this hall, with valleys on both sides of the walkway. The green arcane fire fills the valleys. Dead critters on magic fire start to come out of the valleys and climb onto the walkway. Then some freaky hooded wormy guy appears at one of the ends of the walkway (maybe the right side? I don’t recall). He tries to charm/command/dominate/some other mind control thing Dresmorlin, but that fails. Yay!


Notable NPCs & Monsters

  • Vasha’a
  • Sisskuss- duegar with delusions of feytouched children
  • Kravos – duegar sgt.
  • Captain Toomos- leader of the duegar contingent camped outside the keep

Notable Locations

  • The Catacombs (Vasha’a’s lair)
  • Fairy Ring Keep