S15: Wight Where We Left Him

by | May 15, 2018



We previous left off where Dresmorlin has opened a door to a room where there was a fiery pit with walkway above it in the middle of the room. He started to retreat as being were climbing out of the pit and another one on the walkway were advancing on him. As Dresmorlin fled from the room, Olwen headed for the door and found the mechanism at the bottom that allowed the door to close. Once the door was closed, there did not seem to be an attempt by the creatures to pursue us, at least to our knowledge.

Back in the sacrificial room, Shoopin decided to check out the door at the end of the room by using his Mage Hand to open it. The door led into a short hallway with another door on the left. As we entered the hallway and approached the new door we heard a slight click, but no apparent traps went off and I did not find any around the door itself. We opened the door and proceeded into the next room…

The next room was a larger room with two rows of decorative columns going down the middle of the room. Also through out the room were corpses of dozen of smaller worms. As we got further into the room we were attacked by arrows, but due to the limited visibility we had to move up further before we could see where the shots were coming from. At the back of the room were to large humanoid bodies on the ground. Behind the bodies was another sarcophagus. Darting behind the sarcophagus after another shot, was another humanoid creature. As we got closer we could make out the creature to be an heavily armored dwarf and based on the location and the names it kept calling out he theorized that it may be Krythitas.

Amal attempted to reason with it, but his temperament did not change. We engaged the dwarf as I moved to the end of the room using the same channel of oil we have seen previously to light up the room. Now that vision was no longer impaired, at least in this room, Olwen finished the dwarf off by lopping off his head. We removed his armor and weapons (Bow and Sword appear to be magical), and then Shoopin carried his body to the sacrificial room per Amal’s order.

Once we the body was placed on one of the three slabs we decided to head back to the first room and explore the other doors. We opened the east door… In stead of a normal hallway like the previous two, we were greeted by a giant toothy maw of a Purple Worm. The mouth still opened as if it was taking the place of the previous hallway. Before we could stir up the courage to proceed into the Worm’s mouth, smaller worms appeared from within and they would have to be dealt with first before we could venture forth.


Notable NPCs & Monsters

  • Vasha’a
  • Sisskuss- duegar with delusions of feytouched children
  • Kravos – duegar sgt.
  • Captain Toomos- leader of the duegar contingent camped outside the keep

Notable Locations

  • The Catacombs (Vasha’a’s lair)
  • Fairy Ring Keep