S16: Into the Flames

by | May 22, 2018


Dresmorlin / Jason’s account:

After defeating the worms, we decided to explore the insides of the gigantic purple worm in hopes that it had become somewhat of a tunnel. We had to squeeze by the limp remains of the worms we just defeated, but was eventually able to make our way into the worm. We traversed the spongey interior of the dead worm until we came upon a strange translucent portal on the sides of one of the “walls”. On the opposite side of the portal we could make out a small room that looked to be in use as a campsite. The campsite was not vacant as two of the large elf-like creatures were also in the room.

Dresmorlin entered the room and was able to speak with the guardians without conflict. They explained that they are the guardians of these tombs and that they were having a bit of trouble as some of the creatures we had encountered are not supposed to be here. He pointed out a door to one of the sides and explained that was the door that led to the room with the fiery pit and catwalk. As far as the group knew, the only options to proceed were the through the catwalk or back to the howling windy hall. Dresmorlin was able to convince the group to continue on to the catwalk.

Dresmorlin walked out onto the catwalk while Olwen provided support from the landing with Shoopin and Amal back on the stairs. Their presence was immediately noticed… The undead floated out of the fire seemingly led by a robed figures approaching via the catwalk. Dresmorlin’s position on the catwalk was quickly overrun. Olwen cleaved through as many as she could and Amal’s whip appeared to be turning the tide, but it was too late. Dresmorlin was struck down, and fell into the fiery pit below.

The robed figure vanished below while the undead turned their attention to the rest of the group on the landing. They came at the group from the catwalk and the walls. The group was able to fell the last undead right as the robed figure reappeared at the end of the catwalk. Before Olwen could advance, he pointed at her and commanded her to flee. Try as she might, she could not stop herself from retreating back into the room of the make shift campsite. Amal, frustrated by Olwen’s response to her orders, took matters into her own hands and approached the robed enemy. The robed enemy pointed again, this time at Amal, and her sight went black.

With Amal blinded, her enemy attempted to strike at her, but out of nowhere, webs appeared redirecting his attack. Amal, despite being blind, struck her target with a Guiding Bolt as Olwen returned and fired at it with her bow and Shoopin mocked the enemy with his magic and the creature’s own voice saying, “flee”. Amal, now practically face to face with her robed foe, she lashed out at it with her whip seemingly destroying the entity within. From the now motionless robe fell Dresmorlin’s arm and sword…


Olwen / Jules’s account:

We enter into a dead worn, this is gross, but the worm appears to be dead. We walk past the teeth and follow it until we see a transparent door; it looks like it could be passible. Through the transparent door we can see a brazier and what appears to be shadow of the super tall elf guys.

Behind the elves, along the back wall of the room there appear to be four sarcophagi, also supplies, and bedrolls. It sort of looks like we found the storeroom. It also could be the elf guys’ camp. What a weird place to camp. The elves appear similar to the dead ones we found in the other tomb room (dwarf guy tomb). The elf guys appear to be standing around and talking.

Dresmorlin is the first to enter the room. The conversation goes in circles for a bit, trying to figure out if they know Zoobear (yes, I like spelling it that way). The conversation is pretty similar to “why Gamora” from Infinity War. The elf guys describe a guy with tentacles on its face, probably not Zoobear. The elf guys tell us they are the protectors of the three soul guys (like the dwarf we killed). Tentacle guy is the guy on the catwalk of the fire room. The elf guy tells us there is also nothing at the end of the worm. The only door is in the corner of the room and leads into the fire catwalk of doom. We told the elf guys about beheading the dwarf and putting him in the ritual room. Dresmorlin wants to go into fire chamber. We all then begin to enter the fiery catwalk of doom. So many fire dwarves skeleton guys in here. Tentacle guy is in the middle of the catwalk; these bitches can skip across the flames. Dresmorald takes some brutal hits and falls off the catwalk of doom into the fire. Bad flame skeletons and tentacle face continue to attack. Dresmorlin might be dead, we can’t tell, he’s in the fire. The ring of fire…I mean, room of fire. Amal hits tentacle face with her own tentacle whip, the form crumbles. So, brother is definitely dead.