S19: Into the Light

by | Jun 20, 2018 | Tuesday |

Enter Barovia!

Olwen Ne’eroun and Shoopin enter the dilapidated throneroom of Castle Ravenloft, the former seat of power of vampire lord, Strahd Von Zarovich. Arriving via an arcane portal, the remnants of House Ne’eroun find themselves greeted by the Baroness Anya Ivanova and her retinue. Among the gathered heroes are Erdan Lathalas, an elven wizard, and Geist, a strange artificial being. Erdan and Geist, recently arrived to Barovia themselves, engaged the newcomers in spirited conversation. They had traveled from Falcovnia after the mists had dissipated.

After a leisurely dinner of sea drake roast and fresh vegetables, Baroness Ivanova welcomed the newcomers to her new seat of operations.

After another week, word was received that an old evil was storing in the forest. Rumors came to Castle Ravenloft of the rise of the Dusk Queen. In exchange for her hospitality, the Baroness has asked our new heroes to investigate.