S2: Beneath the Depths

by | Feb 25, 2018


  • The Circle locates a literal hole in the wall of the Darkled Depths’s storeroom
  • Descent into the 120′ long 3′ tall tunnel
  • A small calcified ladder is found
  • Aratnids attack!
  • Locating the storeroom and collected booty
  • A hidden sanctum and cast off clothing, belongings
  • The Rat King’s notes and potions found
  • Exploring the sanctum
  • Slime coated statue to the Old Voice / Chained Oblivion / Azathoth
  • A single citrine taken, coins left
  • the Old Voice’s amulet is taken

Notable NPCs & Monsters

  • Aratnids- rat / spider hybrids

Notable Locations

  • Cavern beneath the Darkled Depths