S20: Trades and Trails

by | Jun 27, 2018 | Tuesday |

Barovia, the first week!

The party gets itself acclimated to Barovia and to each other. Negotiations are had, trades are made and each member pursues their own goals to various degrees of success.

Pursues knowledge in the library of Castle Ravenloft. Notes are kept on the adventurers who passed into (and away in) Barovia. Seeking to determine the final fate and resting place of Thiala Firahel, an esteemed Bladesinger, Erdan finds the snippet of a lyrical poem detailing a unique brooch worn by Thiala. She was reported to have quested to say the rising of a great evil to in the souther mountains of Barovia.

Feeling the land’s unease and continued suffering, Geist looks for any way to restore the wilds of Barovia to health. Geist also begins rummaging through the mounds of adventuring gear that has accumulated in the crypts and necropolis of Castle Ravenloft. Geist locates parts that the duegar adventurer Thangar Ironthew could use to fashion darkvision lenses!

This was a trying week for Olwen. Her prized warhammer, Storm’s Reach, had an unwelcome entity attached. She found life on the surface disorientating and…very bright. Baroness Anya and Thanagar each worked with her. In the end, Storm’s Reach was dwarven spirit free and she had traded in her shiny dwarf armor for elven armor augmented with other items and now possessing it’s own light dampening capabilities.

Seeking a new patron, Shoopin approaches the Baroness and Mip. Shoopin decided to venture out and see what the village held for him as well. He wandered into the village square where many of those still lingering in the malaise of Strahd sit in the sun. Who would have thought a Drow song about revenge, backstabbing and murder could be so uplifting! Soon, children from the village flock around Shoopin whenever he arrives. The new owner of the tavern invites him in to perform and lift the spirits of the patrons. So taken is she that she asks him to name the new inn. “Duskyn”, Shoopin says.

Thus, the Dusk Inn was named.

Late in the week, Baroness Anya asks the party to investigate the Svalich Woods to the north and east of the village. Word has come to her of a possible rising threat. Knowing that the curse and dread of Strahd lingers in the land, the Baroness is quick to act on any word of evil.

With the warhorse Chauncy and three other riding horses, the party sets out to patrol and search the area. Late on their first day they spot a wounded hippogriff that is mortally wounded. Tending it’s wounds and following the blood trail, they locate a relatively shallow cave. Entering, they find a small underground spring and what appears to be a nest.

With the clicking of claws on stone, a small green dragon appears, blocking their exit. Geist and Shoopin ask who it is and for it’s name. “I am HUNGRY!” is bellows as it makes to attach. Erdan moves out to the rear of the cave as the beast advances. Inhaling sharply, the dragon covers the nest area with roiling clouds of toxic fumes. Erdan falls, retching and succumbing to the gas. Shoopin swiftly holds his breath, the poison only slightly disorienting him. Geist looks unharmed while Olwen leaps forward and assails the creature seemingly also unaffected.