S21: Familiar Ground

by | Jul 10, 2018 | Tuesday |

The Svalich Woods, delving into a damp cave…

The dragon positioned itself between the heroes and escape, facing Olwen helm to maw. While Olwen engaged the creature, Geist and Shoopin aided Erdan, returning the elven wizard to consciousness. Erdan retreated to the far corner of the cave, a presence in the stream briefly capturing his eye.

The wyrm traded blows with the party and the newly summoned earth elemental. Shoopin moved to one side of the cavern, attempting to use his clever, stolen words on the beast. The dragon, now hammered by the elemental, reoriented itself against the wall adjacent to Shoopin, apparently looking for…something. Bearing down on the kenku while simultaneously placing itself in a more tactically advantageous position. the dragon prepared to unleash its fury. At that moment, Erdan, having increased his speed magically, sprinted towards the dragon’s flank, made a taunting gesture to its face and vanished from sight!

Rage. The dragon roared it’s displeasure and peered around itself to the exclusion of all else. Upon reappearing, Erdan prepared his attack. The dragon, having watched patiently for Erdan’s return, vomited forth it’s poisoned breath, felling the wizard a second time…

…and freeing the earth elemental from control.

Geist went to Erdan’s aid but upon hitting the ground he again vanished.

The dragon made a desperate gambit to flee and the party took advantage, finally felling the beast.

Meanwhile, the earth elemental was splashing around in the stream and tearing what looked to be beings of shadow to their component parts. It then dived and moved upstream.

In the aftermath, Geist took one end of a rope and explored the underground stream. She found that by the end of 50′ that no opening appeared. But there may have been an opening darkness ahead.

Shoopin found several gems and a few items in the nest above the entryway. He also located a mirror shard.

Deciding to camp for the evening, Shoopin and Erdan went to retrieve the horses buy the pond in the clearing. Geist started dragging parts of the rapidly decomposing dragon to a spot outside the cave and, taking the form of a clockwork badger, began excavating a shallow grave. Meanwhile, Olwen helped drag the backend of the dragon to the hole.

As the sun sunk below the mountains, early night descended upon the Svalich Woods. Shoopin and Erdan found their horses under siege by a quartet of huge wolves, the warhorse, Chauncy, already in battle. As Geist dug, Olwen dragged the backend of the dragon forward. Reaching the small pit, Olwen stiffened as her darkvision revealed shapes moving around her.

Olwen looked back to see a form reaching out to her from within the dragon’s sundered form.