S22: The Creeping Mist

by | Jul 17, 2018 | Tuesday |

The Svalich Woods, as the sun sets…the party had separated to accomplish two tasks more quickly.

Erdan and Shoopin

Erdan and Shoopin sought to retrieve the horses only to find them surrounded on three sides by wolves and one side by the pond. One wolf was far larger in size and swiftly dispatched Chauncy, the warhorse. The battle was joined and the heroes noted that the shadows were lengthening as dusk deepened. It was then that the real threat emerged. Forms of shadow emerged from the woods, red eyes growing brighter and honing in on the battle and blood. The pair battled several waves of these spirits as a mist began to flow from the deeper forest, the sound of insect like clicking accompanying it. Another two horses fell, one to the wolves and one being dragged into the pond as its life was leeched away by…something. One horse bolted into the woods as the mist revealed it’s hidden horror…wave upon wave of clawing, crawling, undead hands.

Seeing no end to the shadowy spirits and with the crawling mist closing in, the heroes retreated back to the cave.

Olwen and Geist

Meanwhile, Olwen looked back as a a spectral hand reached for her. She called out to Geist who was still digging furiously in Giant Badger form. Olwen swiftly dispatched the spirit with Storm’s Reach. She then attempted to bury the half of the dragon she was dragging. Geist engages more of the red eyed spirits finding that her claws were not as effective against their ethereal forms. As the waves of spirits encroached on them, they too noticed the writing mist of clawed hands moving slowly towards them. Olwen tore through several waves of the creatures before the two decided that withdrawing was the best option.

Back at the cave, the party set up a watch. Olwen had noticed a furrow in the cave entrance that had raw salt crystals in it during hers. The party rested and decided to head further northeast into the woods, searching now for the source of the evil and the rumored “Dusk Queen”.