S24: Pools of Shadow

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DM Notes: Walking to the Shadowed Pools

Following their talk with Vessh Ossk, the party heads east and follows a small clear stream. Near dark, the camp on a stony hillock near the stream. They observer the local wildlife and behavior of the nighttime spirits. In the morning they continue following the stream, eventually locating a pool shadowed by overhanging trees. Spotting shapes and movement in the pool, they are greeted by two nymphs.

A small pool of calm, dark water lies nestled in a secluded clearing. As you watch, two delicate gures rise gracefully from the still pool. e painfully beautiful creatures have long black hair that falls down their bare backs before gathering around their waists on the surface of the dark water.

e two dark beauties stare at you for a moment with calm, suspicious eyes before at last speaking, “Why have you come to our pool? Are you here to harm us?”

The nymphs, Sapphyl and Lasralith, engage in honest discussion with the party. They would see the Dusk Queen defeated. They are given a third mirror shard along with a gift of three potion vials and a scroll.

After a moving performance, the nymphs also bequeath a further boon to Shoopin, a finely wrought quill. He promises to return with a performance of and for them.


3 potions

1 scroll

Fine quill

Seeking out the ‘hangman’s tree’, the party locates it in a small clearing.

A lone, twisted tree rises from a small hill ahead of you. Skeletons, some with their hands still bound behind their backs, hang from strong branches high up in the tree. e branches creak as the skeletons twist and sway in the wind. By all appearances, these gruesome remains have been here for a very long time.

High up on the trunk, a mirror shard is deeply embedded in a thick branch.

The party attempts to grasp the shard with mage hand when undead attack in daylight! The dispatch the spirits though Shoopin is tired and weakened.