S7: Heeding the Call

by | Feb 25, 2018


  • Negotiation with Vasha’a- favor for favor, lease on the circle room and bedroom
  • The gift of Grak
  • Teleporting to the workrooms beneath House Ne’eroun
  • Goblins, grimlocks and orcs seething through the tunnels
  • An orc mouth gathers Olwen’s sword
  • Enemy drow appear
  • Two houses involved? A token of Oblodra found on House Ulstras wizard
  • A powerful call to Lolth spells doom for Ne’eroun
  • Thunder rumbles!
  • Dresmerlin disrupts the high priestess
  • Half a drider is not better than none
  • Dresmerlin scouts ahead

Notable NPCs & Monsters

  • Grak, the luckiest kobold
  • Vasha’a, an illithid wizard
  • House Ulstas wizard?
  • House Oblodra priestess?

Notable Locations

  • The work tunnels beneath House Ne’eroun