S9: Sacrifice

by | Mar 23, 2018


  • A chat with the Red Claw
  • The goblins depart…or do they
  • Splitting the house, males to the front door, females to the rear
  • A brutal battle
  • Olwen’s decision…mercy or strategy?
  • Grak’s new pewpew!
  • Dresmerlin at the front…and on the floor
  • Amal moves forward and falls
  • The shrine breached!
  • A “hidden” observer
  • The illithid and the priestess move to sacrifice Matron Duskyn
  • The illithid’s prize stone snatched!
  • Duskyn shows her faith and ascends!
  • A new Handmaiden is born!
  • The illithid fleas
  • A deadly quiet but no rest for the wicked

Notable NPCs & Monsters

  • The illithid
  • A priestess of House Ulstras
  • A Red Claw assassin

Notable Locations

  • The work tunnels beneath House Ne’eroun
  • House Ne’eroun main compound