S24: Pools of Shadow

Dipping their toes into the pool…

S23: Standing Stones, Fallen Tree

In Barovia, tree plants you…

S22: The Creeping Mist

The forest Svalich Woods crawl…

S21: Familiar Ground

Battle with the green forest dragon!

S20: Trades and Trails

Delving into the Svalich Woods

S18: Out of the Darkness…

The fall of House Ne’eroun

S17: Firestorm and Fiends

Tymande Firestorm and new allies

S16: Into the Flames

Dresmorlin meets his fate…

S15: Wight Where We Left Him

Meeting with Krythitas goes poorly

Notable NPCs

  • Matron Mother Duskyn
  • Inquisitor, Mister Remington the Third
  • Kialara, owner of the Dakled Depths tavern
  • Nibbles- evolved cranium rat
  • The Rat King- insane elven wererat
  • Grak, the luckiest kobold
  • Vasha’a, an illithid wizard
  • House Ulstas wizard?
  • House Oblodra priestess?
  • Isa Xorlarrin (priestess of House Xorlarrin)
  • Matron Mother Discord Xorlarrin
  • The Matron Mother (House Teken’duis)

Notable Locations

  • House Ne’eroun (Eastmyr, Menzoberranzan)
  • Cavern beneath the Darkled Depths
  • The work tunnels beneath House Ne’eroun
  • House Ne’eroun compound
  • House Xorlarrin
  • House Oblodra

Notable Monsters

  • Aratnids- rat / spider hybrids
  • Stalkers- rat / beholder hybrids
  • Bursters- detonating acid rats
  • Grey ooze
  • Skeletons
  • Bursters- detonating acid rats
  • Darkmantles- underdark hunters above
  • Screechers- sonic canary rats
  • Draegloth-  scion of a noble house’s high priestess and a glabrezu demon
  • Red Claw assassin
  • Illithid!

Location Maps

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